GOD is Infinite

You may wonder why I use all caps when talking about GOD sometimes.  I break down the way people perceive deities into thee categories.

Small ‘g’ god.  For most of human history the predominate idea of deities was the pantheon of gods.  Thor, Zeus, Pele, Ra, Ba’al.  These and those like them were the face of god for almost everyone in ancient times.  I group the zombie god into this category.  The parallels to Jesus and ancient gods and legends are numerous.  Even Alexander the Great was thought to be of virgin birth.  There were many others but their stories were drowned out but the shrill cries of the zombie worshippers.

Big ‘G’ God.  When the big paradigm shift of monotheism happened, their one true God became capitalized in literature.  Of course I’m basing this on the English translation from only 400 years ago.  I don’t really know anything about ancient Greek or Hebrew so I don’t know if they started capitalizing God in the early text.  Even still Christianity is just barely monotheistic with all the saints and the virgin Mary that people pray to.

Big ‘G’ Big ‘O’ Big ‘D’ GOD.  But the most likely solution to the question of GOD is that of the infinite GOD.  GOD is infinite in space and time.  The vastness of space-time has only come into human consciousness in the past hundred years of so.  The writers of the various books of the new testament didn’t even understand the world wasn’t flat, much less understand the vastness of all of creation.  It is time for a new paradigm shift.  GOD is infinite and people can’t understand infinity just like the number 7 can’t understand mathematical infinity.  The more we try to understand GOD, the more we will fail.  There have been some amazing fortunate coincidences in my life I like to call miracles.  I don’t try to understand why, I’m just happy to be here.  Everything in my life has been leading me here to this blog.  If I said this is God’s purpose for me I’d have to downgrade to just the big ‘G’ God.  The infinite GOD can’t be justified or quantified.  It’s OK to say we don’t and never will understand.


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