Civil Unions are not enough

Several people have said to me that I should be happy with civil unions and we shouldn’t be trying for full marriage.  These people include: my cousin Jonathan, the Mormon women stuck at the light in the protest on Sunday, and Sir Elton John.  So first EJ, unlike Britain which distinguishes between civil and religious marriage, the US only had one type of marriage.  So while civil unions in Britain are fully legal equivalences of civil marriage, it is not the case here.  Civil unions include only a small subset of the rights afforded to the straight couple who can get married.  Second, civil unions aren’t universally available.  Only 11 states have some sort of civil unions and the federal government offers no recognition of such relationships.  If civil unions existed in every state and gave us similar tax and inheritance benefits from the IRS, then maybe we would be happy with it.  Since we don’t even have them, we can’t very well be happy with them.

And if we had them, it still wouldn’t be enough.  Should the black community have been happy sitting on the back of the bus?  They still got to where they were going.  Should they have been happy with separate water fountains?  They still got water.  We will not be satisfied until we have achieved equal marriage rights everywhere in the country.  We aren’t going to shut up about it.


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  1. I can’t condone some of the violence that I’ve seen, because with that, we lose the high ground. As reprehensible as some of the behavior has been, I stand strong with the LBGT community.

    People living outside of the US likely don’t know that the same rights apply. I’m all for changing the system to separate between civil and religious marriage. Hell, it should really have been that way in the first place.

    We are being treated differently under the same law. While the oppression isn’t under the same forms as the Civil Rights Movement, it is still there. The overhanging inequality still reaches, and it is that that we must fight.

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